November 13, 2017

Hubbing again…


As part of the “getting back on the horse” action plan, I’ve written a new page for Hubpages about repainting my new office. I’ve been pretty down about the whole “winter is coming” business (first snow flurries today, just in case I had any doubts), and so I went pretty bold, trying an ombre pattern for the first time ever. Despite some mistakes (which I copped to), I really like it. I’m going to fill it with a bunch of plants, plus my parrot Jack, and my SAD lamp and that much blue and green should see me through this thing.

The more I thought about taking the pictures, though, I realized I couldn’t show how I actually live because…yikes. Not exactly “social media” friendly, so I did a minimal bunch of pictures that I hope will be enough to see me through whatever comes, because there will never, ever, no matter how much I organize and downsize be that little stuff in there. Ever. Maybe once I stuff it all in here I’ll show it.

In the meantime, here’s Jack the Senegal gallantly defending his girlfriends, the paint jars. Wonder if he’ll fall in love with the colorful walls the way he did with the paints? I should know in a couple of days!

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