I’ve found myself in one of those cycles where everything seems to be going wrong- and in expensive ways, which just ratchets up the stress levels: the dog got hurt and was touch and go for awhile. The heat/hot water were out for days. Car problems. Sickness. Rough holidays. The hurricane-force blizzard that was Grayson. […]

As I’ve been taking stock of my year, I have been looking at the inside and outside of the house, thinking about what’s been accomplished, what still needs work, and where I’d like to be. In going through things and taking my own mental inventory I realized that HOLY CRAP do I have a LOT […]

  As part of the “getting back on the horse” action plan, I’ve written a new page for Hubpages about repainting my new office. I’ve been pretty down about the whole “winter is coming” business (first snow flurries today, just in case I had any doubts), and so I went pretty bold, trying an ombre […]

That’s the line from the Grinch that keeps running through my mind., to the point that I thought about a whole Grinchy satire: Every Yank up in Yankville liked the cold a lot… But the Grinch,who came from south of Yankville, did NOT! The Grinch hated cold! Both frigid seasons! Now, please don’t ask why. […]

“The first thing you notice about New Orleans are the burying grounds – the cemeteries – and they’re a cold proposition, one of the best things there are here. Going by, you try to be as quiet as possible, better to let them sleep. Greek, Roman, sepulchres- palatial mausoleums made to order, phantomesque, signs and […]

God always punishes us for what we can't imagine. Stephen King

I’ve had a quote running through my head for a couple of weeks now:     While there are lots of reasons I don’t believe that’s literally true, it does seem like the universe is trying to test us at all times, doesn’t it? A tiny example: it’s hard to imagine it’s been a couple […]

For my whole marriage, I have been the secondary cook. So secondary it’s really more like the relief cook. I did the Italian, and he did pretty much everything else. He’s always been very kind about it, heaping embarrassing amounts of praise on my efforts, to the point where I’ve wondered if he was poking […]