God always punishes us for what we can't imagine. Stephen King

I’ve had a quote running through my head for a couple of weeks now:

God always punishes us for what we can't imagine. Stephen King



While there are lots of reasons I don’t believe that’s literally true, it does seem like the universe is trying to test us at all times, doesn’t it?

A tiny example: it’s hard to imagine it’s been a couple of months since I swore to get back on the writing horse.

The much bigger example can be exemplified by this photo, which came up in Facebook’s “On This Day” :



Like all social media, it is a bit of a selective portrait of this July day in 2013. It was hot, because: New Orleans in summer. QED.  We were watching the Running of the Bulls (NOLA style), and although it was hugely fun as always, he was tired and his knee was hurting.

Still, I look at that grinning face from only 4 years ago and all I can think of is that King quote:

  • With that bright smile full of life in the sunshine, who could have imagined his own light would have receded so far into his own personal darkness?
  • On a day where he was standing tall, who could have imagined that he’d be spending the last many weeks flat on his back in excruciating pain?
  • When making him feel better meant encouraging him with the simple promise of a good beer and po-boy sandwich, who could have imagined a time where nothing I can do helps in any way?
  • In a time where we thought funds were tight because we weren’t going to be able to drive to Florida that summer, who could have imagined that “tight” really means a zillion sacrifices and constant fear?
  • On a gorgeous day spent with so many friends, who could have imagined we’d be so isolated so soon?

I feel like there’s too damn much I can imagine now. I hope that’s enough to keep all the monsters of King’s imagination at bay.


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