This massive plot in Cypress Grove is in horrible shape, though the caretakers have gamely tried to arrange the pieces as best they could. Clearly this family was affluent and cared a great deal about their tomb, but they must’ve died off or moved away, because time has definitely had its way with the area.


A brick wall surrounded the plot

A brick wall surrounded the plot

The brick wall around the plot has fallen down, and there are two interesting pillars to either side of where the marble structure would have been, though there’s no hint of what the pillars held.


The only part of the tablet that’s whole with writing combines personal sentiment with Bible verse:

Fallen Stone

I go to join our darling

son in the spirit-land.

Beloved! Let not your heart

be troubled, you believe in

God, believe also in this,

“in my father’s house are

many mansions.” I go to

prepare a place for you

that where we are, you

shall surely come.


This is the only part of the tablet remaining, and the last name appears to be “Dickiy,” which would be an unusual last name indeed. I could find no mention of anyone with that last name in the Cypress Grove database, nor in online obit listings- nor anyone with any version including “Dick” as the first four letters.



Somehow, not being able to find a reference to the name made it that much more poignant. Next time I’m in the Greenwood offices (Greenwood oversees Cypress Grove) I’m going to inquire and see if I can find out more. I’d love to be able to search and find a picture of this as it once was.

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